Some ZRRF donations sent to help thousands left homeless when Zimbabwe police demolished homes in the winter.


The Zimbabwe Rhodesia Relief Fund aims to help as many people as it can. Some of the many areas we have been able to assist are:

The Dispossessed

  • People who have lost their income due to the economic collapse of the country. We have helped many who have had to leave their properties and re-settle, often in another country.


  • We have assisted, where we can, people who have disabilities. For example, we helped two quadriplegics who needed assistance by providing wheelchairs & transport.

Advice & Help

  • We have endeavoured to assist people to find new work. One of the ways we have assisted is by producing professional CVs at no cost to the individual.

Christmas Grants

  • Some of the particularly elderly who have become completely dispossessed, we endeavour to support and send a grant at Christmas, which keeps us in touch with them so we can help in other matters during the year.


  • We can endeavour to help those that were wounded and need special assistance because of their incapacity.
Motorised wheelchair and adapted vehicle provided, by the Zimbabwe Rhodesia Relief Fund, for a quadriplegic in Zimbabwe
Onai, a deaf-blind student at the Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind, with her teacher.

A few extracts from the thank you letters we received for the Christmas grants:

The grant is received with much gratitude. We are lost for words.

I am most grateful for your kindness which will be a tremendous help. Your generosity year after year is truly amazing.

Bless you all. I will put the grant toward some warm winter clothing and bed linen.

Your gift is most appreciated and needed.

Your gift makes such a difference to me. My pension brings in £550 a month which I can just scrape by on without any luxuries.

We are incredibly grateful to you for your gesture which cheers us up in our twilight years as refugees from our beloved Rhodesia.

We are both so very grateful for the generous cheque and for thinking of us.

I cannot express how thankful I am for your kind gift. My old car needs some repairs and your gift will help immensely.

We have so appreciated your gifts. They have helped see us through some tough times.


We are a small, charitable organisation, funded entirely by voluntary contributions, which helps people in trouble and gives some hope to the victims of the situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will need meaningful help to pull the population out of its present economic crisis. The ZRRF will continue to monitor what is happening and give support to those who need it, wherever possible.

YOUR support will be very much appreciated.


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