Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind


The premises and facilities have become extremely dilapidated. In addition to an immediate need to establish a good water and electricity supply, food is also an ongoing issue. Fencing, with the problem of cattle straying into the school, is an issue that needs urgent attention.


Water sanitation and toilet facilities urgently need repairs.


Fencing desperately needs maintenance to prevent cattle straying onto school grounds and to improve the security of the students from intruders and thieves as well as reduce loitering.


Pupils require different writing equipment, depending upon their individual disabilities.


The School kitchen is in a dilapidated state and needs expansion and refurbishment as it was built for the Primary School only.

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We are a small, charitable organisation, funded entirely by voluntary contributions, which helps people in trouble and gives some hope to the victims of the situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will need meaningful help to pull the population out of its present economic crisis. The ZRRF will continue to monitor what is happening and give support to those who need it, wherever possible.

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