Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind


The school is located at a farm 18km north of Masvingo town.



  • To provide high quality, relevant, adequate life skills to people with visual impairment.
  • To offer relevant academic education appropriate methods and proper teaching and learning resources as to mould an independent and competitive student.
  • To provide proper boarding facilities to pupils.
    Guiding and counselling pupils.
  • Providing sporting resources and facilities.



Since its founding in 1915 with one blind student, the enrolment to the Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind has risen considerably, leading to the establishment of a High School, which caters for about 150 pupils, and a Primary School, which enrols more than 170 pupils.

All of the students are living with visual impairments and around 10% also have multiple disabilities.

There are over 50 teaching staff and 16 members in the ancillary staff, which includes care givers, cooks and cleaners.



  • The school has produced several graduates employed in various government and private institutions, both locally and abroad.
  • The School has had a high pass rate at A Level successively since its inception in 2009.
  • Students are equipped with skills in music, playing the few musical instruments available at the school.
  • Pupils are provided with daily living skills.


Urgent Needs

This School came to our attention following reports that, because of the downturn in the economy, it is in a very perilous state.

Buildings have not been painted or maintained for almost 40 years, nor has the fencing to the school, which is particularly critical due to cattle roaming the area and the children being blind or visually impaired.

Provision of clean water: there is an urgent need for completion of construction of a large water reservoir for water storage. This water project was supposed to provide clean drinking water as well as water for daily use in the kitchen and dormitories.

The re-establishment of the fences runs to several thousand pounds, as does the need for upgrading the toilet and cooking facilities.

It is to the credit of the teachers and staff that, under these incredible difficulties, they have continued to help children in desperate need.

A-level students need a study centre and electronic library as they are currently using a store room as a make-shift classroom.
Very little music equipment is available and pupils are unable to make progress due to limited financial resources.
Pupils are offered daily living skills as well as Braille orientation and mobility. More Braille learning material is needed but it is very expensive.
Boarding facilities are very basic and some pupils are sharing a single bed as there are not enough.


We are a small, charitable organisation, funded entirely by voluntary contributions, which helps people in trouble and gives some hope to the victims of the situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will need meaningful help to pull the population out of its present economic crisis. The ZRRF will continue to monitor what is happening and give support to those who need it, wherever possible.

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