The Zimbabwe Rhodesia Relief Fund is a registered charity which was set up in 1985.

Its aim was to help all those who had fallen on difficult times who were, or had formerly lived, in Zimbabwe.



The Zimbabwe Rhodesia Relief Fund aims to help as many people as it can. Some of the many areas we have been able to assist are:

• The Dispossessed
• Disability
• Advice & help

• Christmas Grants
• War wounded

“Tears of joy are not enough to express the gratitude in my heart for this wonderful gift. After my husband’s death and the loss of my son, I was left in a desperate financial situation. Thank you so much.”


Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind

Education, Training and Rehabilitation of the Blind

Our current special project is to endeavour to help the Margaretha Hugo (Copota) Schools for the Blind that have had very little or no investment for many years. The Schools’ mission is to improve the livelihood of pupils with visual impairment by equipping them with academic, practical, moral and sound Christian education. The original school was established by M Hugo in 1915 with one blind student. They now endeavour to help over 300 children.

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We are a small, charitable organisation, funded entirely by voluntary contributions, which helps people in trouble and gives some hope to the victims of the situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will need meaningful help to pull the population out of its present economic crisis. The ZRRF will continue to monitor what is happening and give support to those who need it, wherever possible.

YOUR support will be very much appreciated.


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Charity No. 326922 PO Box 5307, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3DZ, United Kingdom, Tel: 01279 466300